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We had10 yr old student that took our course. She used her new skills to create a custom-made product store, and yes she makes sales. It's incredible to think that this young entrepreneur accomplished so much at such a young age. If she can build a successful online store at 10, imagine where she'll be when she's an adult! We're incredibly proud of her and excited to see where her passion and drive will take her in the future. (note: these courses are not designed for children but they are easy to understand and our youth are very good at using social media and We have had plenty of children take our courses).

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We had a student who runs a herbal supplement business and was looking for ways to expand her offerings and improve her operations. She needed a manufacturer to create her custom blends and new products to complement the ones already offered. Thanks to our courses and services, she was able to take her business to the next level, with a wider range of products, a streamlined fulfillment process, and an effective website. We're thrilled to have been a part of her success story and look forward to helping other businesses achieve similar success.

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One of our students utilized our courses to create Prime Time Mart, an e-commerce platform that offers a vast range of products from name-brand to basic brands, with bulk options like Costco and fast shipping like Amazon. The student implemented the skills learned from our courses to develop a user-friendly interface and integrate with multiple suppliers that ensure fast shipping. This site has price ranges for all budgets.

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