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Mechee X

All Knowledge not used is Useless Knowledge      
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Not knowing if this life is a curse or a gift to me, cuz everywhere I go the bad stuff it stick to me. Realizing I'm my own worst enemy as I release it praying that I don't let it get to me. Healing myself with the gift that He gifted me...had an epiphany... real change is coming I can feel there's a shift in me. Been fighting myself mentally thinking about all that was meant to be, how much it meant to me and why it was sent to it left such a dent in me. That old life is spent to me giving it back to devil knowing now it was just lent to me...moving on to the goddess I know I was meant to be.

To be continued....

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The Black Agenda


We must understand that it is only through our unapologetic unity that we can leverage our political and economic power to not only respond to the issues plaguing us but more importantly, liberate ourselves and our future generations.


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Founder of The Black Agenda Movement, YouTube commentator, Lyricist and Revolutionary.

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